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From humble beginnings to global impact

Choice Language Services was founded in November 1998, starting as a modest setup with just a desk and a telephone in the corner of an office shared with a recruitment company in Stevenage, England. From these simple beginnings, we have grown into a leading force in the translation industry, dedicated to serving the market research and insights sectors.

Celebrating over two decades of expert translations and market insights

A commitment to ethical practices

At the heart of our operations is a strong ethical commitment, as articulated by our co-founder, Mike Taylor: “One thing I have found in this industry is that it is well known for freelance translators to only get paid when the end client pays. We took a policy decision early on that all our translators would be paid according to their terms. This policy has served us well, attracting a large ‘stable’ of excellent quality linguists eager to join our team. This enables us to source the best translators to work on your projects, ensuring top quality with every word translated.”


Evolution and expansion

Over the years, Choice Language Services has not only expanded its team but also its operational model. A few years ago, we transitioned to a remote work setup. This change has allowed our Project Managers and staff increased flexibility, enabling them to work various hours and respond more dynamically to client needs.

Our resources and technology

Today, Choice Language Services boasts a dedicated project management team and a network of over 8,000 linguists based worldwide. Our commitment to quality is enhanced by substantial investments in Translation Memory tools and other advanced quality assurance technologies.


“We have been extremely impressed by the professionalism of the Choice Languages operation, from the standard translation activities through to the more “ad-hoc requests” that we have made of them. The quality of the translation is a vital element in our work and we have constantly been impressed by the standards set by their project management team.”

Automotive Research Company


“Working in an environment with ever changing deadlines and last minute requests, I’ve always found Choice ready to help and flexible enough to accommodate all our requirements. We take pride in the high standards of our work at HRW and Choice help us to deliver quality translations in a technically challenging sector where accuracy is paramount.”

Healthcare Research Worldwide


Professional affiliations

We are proud members of the Association of Translation Companies.

Join us on our journey as we break language barriers and create connections that empower market research professionals to achieve global success.


A comprehensive suite of tailored services

With over 25 years of specialised experience, our team is equipped to handle projects of any scale, ensuring accuracy and cultural relevance in every task. Here’s an overview of our services: