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Expert translation services for market research

At Choice Language Services, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of translation services tailored to meet the unique needs of the market research and insights industry. With over 25 years of specialised experience, our team is equipped to handle projects of any scale, ensuring accuracy and cultural relevance in every task.

Survey translation

Maximise the reach and relevance of your market research with our expert survey translation services. We ensure that your surveys are linguistically and culturally adapted to each target audience, enhancing response rates and the accuracy of data collected across global markets.

English editing services

Our English editing services are designed to refine and perfect your research documents. Whether it’s polishing survey questions or refining complete reports, our editors ensure clarity, coherence, and grammatical precision, enhancing the overall quality and impact of your research.

Market research localisation

Go beyond mere translation with our market research localisation services. We adapt your research materials to suit the cultural, social, and legal contexts of your target market, ensuring that your research is as effective globally as it is locally.

Online link checks

Ensure the integrity of your online surveys with our meticulous online link check services. We test and verify that all links, buttons, and navigational elements function correctly across different languages, preventing common pitfalls that can skew your research outcomes.

Open-end coding

Transform open-ended responses into quantifiable data with our open-end coding services. Our skilled linguists and coders accurately categorise textual data, making it easier for you to analyse and derive meaningful insights from diverse linguistic datasets.

Verbatim translation

Capture the full depth of your respondents’ opinions with our verbatim translation services. We provide precise, word-for-word translations of responses, maintaining the original tone and context, which is crucial for detailed qualitative analysis.

Report translation

Communicate your findings effectively with our report translation services. We ensure that your research reports are accurately translated, reflecting the original’s nuances and specialised terminology, thus facilitating informed decision-making among stakeholders globally.

Digital market research translation

Adapt your digital market research for global audiences with our specialised translation services. Whether it’s social content, mobile surveys, or multimedia presentations, we ensure your digital materials resonate with international audiences, preserving the intent and style of original content.

Download the essential MRS/ATC Checklist for Buying Translation Services!

In an era where global decisions rely on accurately translated research data, MRS has collaborated with the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) to create a comprehensive checklist. This resource helps you select a translation service provider that meets your needs and ensures the success of your global research projects. Although perfection in translation is unattainable, this checklist provides the tools to choose partners dedicated to quality and excellence. Obtain your copy today to make smarter, more informed choices in translation services.

Although your clients may understand your language (whether English or another language in which the study was conducted), translating the study’s final results into a language that can be shared with their stakeholders could be the key to ensuring project success. Presenting the study results to colleagues or adapting them for other projects can be instrumental in convincing their managers to approve more work with your team.

English surveys often not only cater to English-speaking audiences but also form the foundation for translations into various other markets. Therefore, the English version must be flawless, concise, and clear to prevent ambiguity and misunderstandings, ultimately ensuring consistent results across different markets.

When used across multiple English-speaking regions, adjustments may also be required to address cultural and linguistic differences. This editing process involves reviewing local references and terminology to ensure they are in tune with the target audience.

To encourage respondents to complete surveys, it’s crucial that they fully understand the questions.

Translating surveys into respondents’ native languages allows them to engage more effectively, which can reduce dropout rates and ensure the content resonates with each target audience.

Expert translation services can identify ambiguities in the source language to deliver precise translations that produce more relevant responses. They also provide valuable advice, helping you streamline the translation process and enhance the overall quality of your surveys.

Since survey respondents are human and often unpredictable, it’s difficult to anticipate the variety of answers you’ll receive.

Our skilled linguists expertly interpret responses, cutting through typos, slang, random text, and industry-specific terminology to uncover the core meaning.

In consumer (B2C) surveys, open-ended questions may elicit irrelevant responses as respondents hurry through to obtain their rewards. In technical (B2B) or medical surveys, open-ended questions are likely to include acronyms and jargon that require careful decoding by knowledgeable linguists.

Our linguists are experienced not only in deciphering verbatim responses but also in the specific subject areas being surveyed, ensuring accurate and meaningful translations.